Thursday, August 20, 2009


vivian girls - tell the world.
american steel - decyclying
WTZ - dooran
this bike is a pipe bomb - trains and cops.
sundowner- boatless booze cruize.
speed speed speed - pirates vs robots
sovittes - bottoms up bottomed out
sleather kinney - dig me out
rites of spring - deeper than inside
embrace - dance of days
halo fauna - futility and familarity
proletarent - events repeat
mountan asleep - evryday is saturday
evens - pushed against the wall
unit 21 - texis ripper
cobra - tokoyo riot
fugazi - life and limb
decendents - silly girl
Plugz - la bamba
Operation ivy - artifictial life
the Ergs - jazz is the new coke
defiance ohio - the condition
rosa - leahs song
this is my fist - i realised my mistake on harrason St
minor threat - steppin stone
tilt - small bills
golden error - reverse the curse
leatherface - winning

Craig's Brother-Dear Charlotte
Ghoti Hook- Chevy Nova
5th Threat- Angst
AFI- Sacrifice Theory
Die! Die! Die!- 155
MxPx - Like Sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives
A Perfect Kiss- equals
Blood Brothers - Set Fire to the Face on Fire
Fall of Troy - Last March of the Ents
Stretch Armstrong - Outside looking in
The Chase - Bruises
Four Year Strong- Bada Bing! Wit a Pipe
We Are Romans - Las Vegas Lights
Saves The Day - See You
Calibretto 13 - Problems in my Head

Procol Harem - A whiter Shade of Pale

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