Thursday, August 27, 2009


adolescents - kids of the black hole
cloak/dagger - walk the block
past lives - skull lender
CPC gangbangs - coke blues
observers - us against the world
against me - what we worked for
dead kenedys - lets lynch the landlord
subhumans - culture adict
teen crud combo - d.p.o.d
brutal knights - boring city
hi-standard - just rock
BBQ chickens - muscle muscle
western addiction - i tore my hands off combine
new mexican disaster squad - wasting matches
razors edge - new rising

rites of spring - for want of
fucked up - black albino bones
the frumpies - intertube tomorrow
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower - vulture control
pissed jeans - i'm sick
minor threat - 12XU
wire - 12XU
failures - cheer up
end of a year - bad land deals
fugazi - great cop (steve albini mix)
moss icon - kick the can
die! die! die! - shyness will get you nowhere
ampere - money stinks! (orig: d.r.i)
jawbox - static
unbroken - love will tear us apart (orig: joy division)

Saves the Day- Head for the Hills
MxPx- PxPx
AFI- Wester
Ink - International Junk
Flatfoot 56 - Smokeblower
Showbread - Welcome To Plainfield Tobe Hooper
Comeback Kid- Partners in Crime
Above This Fire- Burn the daylights out
With Honor - gun for hire
Four Year Strong - Abandon Ship or Abandon hope
Be Your Own Pet - Fuuun
One Reason- Christmas and Thanksgiving
Punkin Pie- Cold and Clammy
Against Me! - Pints of guiness make you strong
Defiance Ohio - Response to Griot
Ghost Mice - Austin El Paso
Tiger Trap - Puzzle Pieces

leopold kraus wellenkapelle - the jump of the deer in the vally of hell

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