Thursday, August 13, 2009


anarchy- johnny be good.
COBRA - on the streets.
Kyah- i am bitch,or not.
Slant 6 - Coarse Lip
Plugz- Achin'
Embrace - If I Never Thought About It
Orphans - While You Were Out
Jerry's Kids - Break The Mold
Adicts - Odd Couple
Bones Brigade - Skate or Die
Brutul Knights - Le High Pointe
Star Fucking Hipsters - Snitch to the Suture
Lawrence Arms - 100 resolutions
Sundowner - One Hundred Resolutions

i object! - the way you play guitar is revolutionary
flee the seen - do you think dallis is still in the slammer?
vaadat kishut - hardcore tel aviv
milkhouse - no podras
sick things - anti social disease
triste fim de rosilene - o desvelamento da verdada
moldy peaches - little bunny foo foo
naked agression - revault
blitz babiez - gratznog
be your own pet - fuuuuun
go betty go - son miss locuras
anuschka et les Prives - Control
Walls of Jericho- Famous Last Words
beyond pink - where eagles stare

Chad Vangaallen- Systematic Heart
Nation of Ulysses- A kid who tells another kid is a dead kid
Warsaw- Failures
Rites of Spring- Drink Deep
The Slits- Instant Hit
The Raincoats- Fairytale in the Supermarket
Class of 84- Catch Your Time
The Evens- Around The Corner
Ampere- Against Automation
D.R.I.-Money Stinks
Moss Icon- Kick The Can
Ecalypt- Kepela
Greyhouse- Scissors paper Stone
Big Black- bad penny
end of a year- anxiety II
Minute Men- bob dylan wrote propaganda songs
Fucked Up- black albino bones
Chad Vangaallen- burn to ash

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