Thursday, October 28, 2010

200 posts =O

Merchant Ships
...Who Calls So Loud
Goodbye, Blue Monday
The Shitty Limits
Amber Inn
Merchant Ships
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower
The Shivering
The Shitty Limits
The Orphans
Paul Baribeau

deep wound
rites of spring
black flag
moss icon
minor threat
abrasive bowie covers!
born against
big black
harvey milk
queen meanie puss
pissed jeans
bad brains

my new zine will be available at wellington zine fest this year. support the fest as it's a beautiful thing.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fall of Troy
Drive Like Jehu
Die Die Die
Better Than a 1000

also I'm playing a show on Sunday...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I hope we make somone cry - The_Unfortunates"

Depression - Black flag
Epic Problem - Fugazi
With The Seasons - The Shivering
Long Term Relationships Were Only Cool When Divorce Wasn't - Merchant Ships
No More Pain - Embrace
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone - Sleater-Kinney
Never Go Back - Dag Nasty
Winter She Whispered - Amber Inn
Look Back And Laugh - Minor Threat
Oh, Oh, I Love Her So - The Ramones
For An Old Kentucky Anarchist - The Orphans
If I Knew - Paul Baribeau
Greg Allen - Rosa
Road Signs Always Look Better Looking Over Your Shoulder - Defiance, Ohio
A Heart Has Asked for the Pleasure - Mono
track 06 - Age Sixteen
I am a Turtles - Bang! Bang! Aids!
Forget Who We Are - Cap'n Jazz
A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction - City of Caterpillar
Notte Dei Cristalli A Rue Des Trois - La Quiete
Sunburnt Mess - Cloak/Dagger
A Product of Failure - DEERS!
Down On Today - The Observers
Only Babies Cry - The Ergs!
Confusing - Let's
Black Days - PRODUCT
Do You Still Listen Weezer - Pirouette
Leave me Alone - The Shitty Limits
This Destroys Us - We Were Skeletons
There Is Nothing - 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal
She Is Science Fiction - Pissed Jeans
Zombie Duncan - Bang! Bang! Aids!
スカイライン - 百蚊 (Hyacca)
The Sky Is Blue - Amber Inn
Dead Love - Papercuts
All Our Base Are Belong To Them - The Books
Contempt - The Books
Well, that could be very powerful. And there’s this similar thing that I am dealing with in my own life, where I am wanting to be around people who I identify with. I think that’s really important for me because I’ve never really felt like I was allowed to choose who I spent time with. So for me to hang out with tough girls, you know, who are like reading the same books I do and are into the same bands and stuff, is really really powerful. And I think that goes with the idea that having fun and feeling included, for certain people, are really political, and that to say "politics aren’t separate from humor" is really important, because usually the whole idea is that you can either have the one or the other, but not both. - Kathleen Hanna.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the show must go on.

I am not going to be at OOS tonight due to my band playing at Goodbye Blue Monday.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Above this Fire
XOne ChoiceX
International Superheroes of Hardcore
Bad Brains
The Wendy House
Lewd Acts

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7th oct

Fucked Up
City of Caterpillar
Merchant Ships
...Who Calls So Loud
Tiny Hawks
百蚊 (Hyacca)