Friday, September 25, 2009

podcast 25th sep 09

(the rosa shirt/friendship braclets we talk about in the show )

spes vos utor!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the big take over

bad brains - big takeover
embrace - said gun
dag nasty - under your infuence
adolescents - no way
fabulous disaster - insane today
fugazi - target
golden error - scar tissue
faded grey - the emo solution
pistol grip - broken radio
teen crud combo - days of yore
western addiction - church of black flag
nitad - utboling pa livstid
rosa - scan to print
down by law - haircut
lawrence arms - minute
cloak/dagger - last call
the ergs! - only babies cry
paul bar
melt banana - call of the vague

valdera - make me free (demo)
antioch arrow - the puppy love
shellac - squirrel song
government issue - teenager in a box
lync - pennies to save
articles of faith - bad attitude
ampere - dover and grove
native nod - mr president
end of a year - darnel
fucked up - black albino bones
mount eerie - don't smoke
bad brains - banned in dc
black flag - you let me down
the microphones - i look just like you tree
ampere - the regulator (bad brains cover)
fugazi - i'm so tired
the gordons - adults and children
cro mags - don't tread on me ('82 demo, fuckers)
cap'n jazz - precious
das oath - only us fakes get all the breaks
lowercase - severance denied
indian jewelry - airplane
greyhouse - ashes
minor threat - minor threat (demo tape)
dirty projectors - depression (bastardised black flag cover)
Bad brains - i luv i jah

Monday, September 21, 2009

goody goody gumdrops!

goodys for all of you!
"the finest collection of punk on the net" (i actually disgree but its still good yeh)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

podcast 17th 09 09
back half of the show (recorder is still playing up)
UK subs interview! no backing music!
its not in the podcast =(

american crabcore

Inspired by Steven Blush's book "American crabcore: A exoskeleton history" Paul Rachman's feature documentary debut is a chronicle of the underground crabcore metal years from 2001 to 2009. Interviews and rare live footage from artists such as attack! attack! and whiny pussy.

Crabcore is a contemporary offshoot from the emocore/screamo sub-genre of hard rock music.

Unlike almost all other genres and sub-genres of music, crabcore is defined not by aural motifs, tones, lyrical content, or specific instrument ensembles; but rather by physical gesticulations and contortions of the arms and legs of individual band members during live performances of their music. Sometimes, the moves are synchronized between two or more band members.

pistol crab would not approve!

red aunts - freakath
fabulous disaster - minimize my faith
ban this - ban they live
bones brigade - thrashin USA
building better bombs - no hospitals
citizens patrol c.o.p
collierge - o descencanto
war against reason - stop the west
western addiction - face cancer
nitad - ditt val ,mitt val

jon brion - bookstore
fugazi - nightshop
antioch arrow - the puppy love
young marble giants - salad days
blank dogs -books
jon brion - elephant parade
flipper - hahaha
native nod - answers
jesu - silver
la quiete - musica per un giardino segreto #1
jon brion - peer pressure
women - black rice
clikatat ikatowi - affirmation
quebec - status: on track
jon brion - postcard (part 2)
bad brains - f.v.k

Madball - No Escape
Antagonist - Stranger
A Dying Race - voice of doubt
In The Face of War - Suicide
Blame it on the Ocean - The mud of the river
Value Pac - Don't Let Go
Baken Beans - I don't wanna hold your hand
Craig's Brother - Money
Ghost Mice - Up the punks
Johnny Hobo - New Mexico Song
40 oz Freedom Fighters - Folk the Police
megaman 2 theme
the orphans - for a old kentucky anachist

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SPAWN,Witchblade,B.P.R.D,hellboy,avengers,y the last man!

YES! comics comics comics. i just got all of civil war =O
and found some pretty neat sites.
1! lots of spawn and other wickedbad comics plus classic manga!
RIDDLED WITH FUCKING ADS but has lots and lots of great comics!

comics are fucking rad. go read some!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Western Addiction - Cognicide!

its taken me fucking ages to find this again.
this is one of the best punk cds EVER! you need it!,g/Western-Addiction-Cognicide-2005.html

also a new blog with some good bands allot of jos's faves.

Friday, September 11, 2009

War Against Reason

OK few things!
firstly PODCAST!
high demand!
secondly War Against Reason
you need it!
thirdly U.K. subs
you want it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

out of step pogs?

out of step pogs?

wavves - lover
vivian girls - out for the sun
bad religion - faith in god
zero boys - civilization's dying
new mexican disaster squad - tax return
teen crud combo - study tall in the study hall
adicts - too young
BBQ chickens - New york
brutal knights - fake youth
bones brigade - no reason ( minor threat )
cpc gangbangs - teenage crimewave
future of the left - drink nike
leatherface - patrick kills me
mika miko - take hold
minor threat - straight edge
queers - ursula finally has tits
- H

Lewd Acts - Know Where to Go
Have Heart - Pure Paradise
Offsides - Taking It
Know the Score - Phased
D.E.A. - Taken Back
Comeback Kid - Partners in Crime
XOne ChoiceX - Going Strong
Stick to Your Guns - Badge a Brand
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - This is What I Want
Against Me! - Walking Is Still Honest
Wingnut Dishwasher's Union - Reason to Breathe
Mishief Brew - Gimme Coffee, or Death
Tullycraft - The Punks are Writing Love Songs

max g mortan - summer trenches
die die die- disapear here
the one up down stairs - franco the ball
i hate myself - keep reaching for those stars
unwound - you bite my tounge
smog - held
unwound - understand and forget
drive like jehu - hand over fist
pissed jeans - i dont need smoke to make myself disapear
native nod - runner
fugazi - small pox champion
husker du - pride
wheres eisold - depressed skull number two

intelligence - warm transfers

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


since you wanted it so bad! im looking at you fionn and netta!
this is dreamgirl.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Want You dreamgirl.

fucking wow have i had a good last few weeks.
*lights a cigarette and wonder where to start*

well. for maybe a year and a half?
ive liked this girl but didn't know who she was or anything.
the crush was started when me and melinda where drinking and talking about ideal opposite match as in a dream girl or dream guy.
mine was something along the lines of

:short hair, i like short hair cause it generally means there not super girly and would like play fight and drink etc its practical and can look fucking great like on my dreamgirl.

:glasses, they look sexy =P and are just plain cool i sometimes wish i had eye problems so i could rock a pair myself.

:little or no make up, genially pretty. make up can be nice but its not necessary.

:slightly shorter then me =P im kinda of jerk like this but i still want to be stronger taller and all that just cause its kind of the role of a male to be. im girly enough i need to stay as manly as i can.

:geeky, i love terrible habits and obsessions. i collect comics and you dont want to get me talking about games il never shut up.

:tasteful, i was gona put music taste but yeah also other things. some things i cant stand =P i dont want her listening / wearing them.

:creative, boring people suck.

and thats all i can think of so anyway.
the next day i was walking to Melinda's hung over and guess who i saw!? =O
a girl that matched my idea of dreamgirl =O
i didn't know what the fuck to do! after kinda slowing down walking and wondering if i should just go say i like you then sprint off i decided fuck it she wont like me im gona go have a coffee and talk about seeing her with melinda.
i did she found it really funny and i cant remember whose idea it was but i made her a mixtape a few days later and carried it in my bag for like a year in case i saw her.
i didn't see her for a while and i just gave up on the idea.
at the start of the year i guess it was before i broke my ankle i saw her at my college =O she started studying fashion at my college!!! i found out she was in my friends class a few months ago and asked him about her.

"theres a pretty girl in your class i like -H"
"um describe her that would help -V"
"short hair... pretty...... uh -H"
"is it me? cause thats very subtle -V"
"no sorry =P she had a hat on today -h"
"sam maybe? -V"

he told me her name and a week later i looked for her on facebook and added her =P and that was that.
i never had the courage to talk to her but one day i came out of shower and found a chat window open and it was her =O
in the hour i had before i went to hang out with tnealle and timmy we talked and we got on well.
i then went to tnealles and told her about it she was excited for me =D
we went and saw lucio and then after drank gin and i later had my radio show out of step ( CHECK IT OUT)
a few days later we talked on facebook again and i got her number =D
we meet up for lunch the next thursday.
i went home and then after a few hours she asked if i wanted to come see her again so i biked to town as fast as i could =P
she kept me company until 12.30 and then i had to go to OOS i greeted jos with glee and told him about my day he was excited for me =P
see by this time all my friends had heard of dreamgirl.
it came up now and then and the tape i always carried in my bag was a source of jokes for them all =P

anyway so we did our show =P
jos made a small mention of her but i didn't want to creep her out if she was listening by calling her dreamgirl (totally her nick name now)
on saturday i was texting her all night drunk =P
i let some things slip and fortunately she didn't think i was a creepy stalker or freak so she didn't hold it against me in fact turns out she felt the same way.
on sunday i was with her before i took a survey for reid research because she lived near the place it was being held.

we hung out in a park and talked for like 50 mins then i had to go.
we walked up to the main road and she had to go right but i had to go left.
we hugged and i held on a bit then as we pulled out she grabbed my hand and kissed me =O
i was really fucking surprised but happy ^^ and after we said bye i couldn't stop smiling and blushing for the next few hours =P
i felt fucking stupid grinning while filling out a survey on smoking.
the next day i planed on asking her out.
before my radio show i saw david and josie.
on friday david saw me with sam (dreamgirl)
so after saying hi the firs thing he said was OMG WAS THAT DREAMGIRL I SAW YOU WITH!?!
and i was yes so he high fived me and gave a me a big hug =P

i did my show and had arranged to meet her after but she was busy moving her stuff out of her flat so i helped out with that. i got to meet her sister and her cousin who where awesome but im bad around new people so i didn't talk to them much.
after we moved everything we went to the dux and had some ginger tom and talked.
the whole time with her siblings had been odd since i couldn't really like hold her hand or kiss her since we wernt going out and also i was scared they like interrogate me to make sure im worthy of dreamgirl (which im probably not) but they where nice and when we had time alone we snuck in kisses =P
anyway we where all at the dux and her siblings where going to get nachos and asked if we wanted to come and dreamgirl was just like No im spending time with hollan! bye!
i was moved =P but it was a bit rude but in the end it was ok her siblings understood and said goodbye ^^

we walked down to the gardens and while in the arts centre i asked her out =P i had a plan that was romantic but in the end it was more like being a 13 old asking a girl out =P
and her first response was what are you 13? but after that she said yes ^^
my plan was awesome IMO it involved giving her the old mixtape and playing the song i want you by bob dylan (she likes bob dylan lots)
but whatever she likes me and where going out =P thats the main thing and im super fucking happy/excited =P
dreamgirl!!! wow.

more importantly
it has the Women Cd and some rad jap noise rock.
well worth downloading if you like noise and low-fi

Thursday, September 3, 2009

RDU sep 4th

last nights show. cut out at 1hour and 20 mins =(


party of helicopter - bastard motherfucker
embrace - past
rites of spring - for want of
akiakane - clover
bones brigade - thrashin USA
brutal knights - date with us
citizens patrol - shit for brains
the ergs - most violent rap group
FNAs - home sweet home
lawrence arms - Chicago is burning
leatherface - patrick kills me
minor threat - straight edge
new mexican disaster squad - 9 kinds of hell
subhumans - mickey mouse is dead
orphans - waste of breath
roatch motel - now your gona die
teen crud combo - awful brothers night
virus - whos gona pay
zero boys - drug free youth
WTZ - traube
the wipers - pushing the extreme
wingnuts dishwashers union - picking sides
western addiction - when a good friend attacks
unwound - no tech
transistors - caving in
tilt - locust
defiance ohio - the argument

Die!Die!Die! - Auckland is Burning
Crackin - Slow Me Down
MIA - Who will survive
Beyond Pink - Walking Bajamaja
Operation Ivy - Uncertain
Black Flag - Police Story
Blood Brothers - My First Kiss at the Public Exhibition
ISHC - Seat Belt
Duck Duck Goose - Wonderful Wizard of LSD
The Red Baron - Moving On
Figure Four - Suffocation
Stretch Armstrong - For the Record
xBishopx - (Life is one Big) Suicide Party
No Innocent Victim - C.E.B.
Blacklisted - I refuse
Emanuel - Buy American Machines
The Chase - Babylon
Pugface - 24-7
Dogwood - Lapchild
Propagandhi - Oka Everywhere
The Path of Cyrus - Electric Angel
mewithoutYou - The Ghost
Bloody Beetroots - Butter