Thursday, July 2, 2009


ZOMG first podcast.
only hollan and Jos tonight and and timmy had better things to do.(sleep and work)
3rd show.
still havent had all the hosts on one show at once ='(
SO pod cast.
we will have two versions of the podcast the normal and the deluxe editions.
the public version and the SPECIAL V.I.P edition including signed pictures, hand written letters,poetry,special packaging made by fran and tnealle,burnt to DVD with video footage of the show/interviews with the cast,cell phone numbers/adresses,hot dates and some other crap like singles,photos(unsigned),reviews and shit.(not real shit =P)

we will make proper banners and stuff for the blog to make it look pretty ^^
if we figure it out we could make a streaming link for the radio station (RDU)

once we get out shit together we will get singles from Big record companys,and maybe even interviews.

bye for now ^^


  1. post hardcore. does that count?

  2. hey, guys. this is a friend of timmy's.
    i'm tuning in from a small city in florida, US.

    ace show! no local radio shows play the good stuff.
    thanks for it.

  3. We played Wire last week, fact.

    p.s. Hollan loves black flag.


  4. i love black flag! hear the songs we played for you timmy? cashing in and five corporation ^^
    and make a gmail so we can make you blog admin ^^

  5. redbull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 bourne

  6. lol bour, we get free red bull at the radio station me and jos had like 4 each in 2 hours and left like 6 there.