Thursday, July 9, 2009

gota catch em all.

pretty good show last night/morn ^^
after the show in stead of bikng home jos gave me a lift... kinda.
i just grabed onto the side of his car as he drove.
it was badass.
i spent all last night editing the podcast.
i just woke up. i went to be at 7am and its now 3pm =P
anyway you dont want to hear from me so il jsut post some pics and a podcast.
if you want all the pics add me and timmy on facebook cause im uploading all of them there.



  1. try that next time with roller skates.
    i guarantee it'll be twice as badass
    and three times as risky.

  2. sounds great fun ^^ if only i had roller skates =(

  3. The bike was pretty badass, we even went down deans ave!! roller skates and a pull rope are next time! All I want to do now is play pokemon!!!

  4. I should probably stand closer to the mic. My voice gets lower as the show goes on.

  5. so you guys could get the podcast? some people are having problems with it =(
    i might start using audio archive like D-rad and defiance ohio.

  6. Yeah, it doesn't load initially... but if you hit refresh a few times it works.