Saturday, July 11, 2009

rest your head on this heart of mine

not only a preview of my choice for this weeks punk love songs but a few more then what i have time to play! why? cause its gona be my mixtape playlist.3
credit to flo for helping me decide what songs are more romantic
( i wana fuck or erection by screeching weasel etc )
also i use audio archive for this since media fire has its problems and audio archive has a crap layout but its never let me down.

so ladies.
if your well impressed by this playlist and my x-men picture.
be sure to contact me.

:girl: "die by the sword x-men?!? why thats the exiles cross over!!!"
:hollan: "yes." ( i have the entire exiles comics ^^ )
:girl: *swoon* "also Your Werewolf Tattoo Would Look Better If You Took Your Shirt Off by outclassed is the most romantic song ive ever heard."
:hollan: "to the max"
:narrator: "and they lived happily ever after"
*credits roll*
*My Baby Wants Me Dead by Vivian Girls starts to play*

feel free to make a short film using that script.
if any one actually did them we will link that shit hard on the blog.


  1. psylocke!
    i've been wanting to be her or harley quinn for halloween,
    but spandex seems pretty unforgiving.

    looking forward to these songs, hollan!

  2. but spandex is hawt =P harley quinn would be less revealing ^^
    im limited for cosplay =P i can only really be vincent volaju

  3. just cause no other characters have a beard and long black hair =( but yes he is badass.