Thursday, October 8, 2009

mika miko - with my ducks
gito gito hustler - silent man
have mercys - you belong to me
golden error - sad sad zelda
melt banana - green eyed devil
new mexican disaster squad - F.V.K
nitad - sno pa jobbet
kvotenringen - javla fasoner
observers -defeated
shitty limits - minds eye
orphans - goverment stole my germs CD
smut peddlers - state of the state
tilt - small bills
burnman - shaker
mountain asleep - dont tell bad jokes
speed speed speed - i hate to say it but your friends are assholes
powerchords - i think im gona
vivian girls - out for the sun
ty segall - son of sam
the fall - various times

gang of four - damaged goods
the body lyre - warm sin
class of 84 - catch your time
drive like jehu - class of 84
orchid - we love prison
one last wish - sleep of the stage
i heart hiroshima - punks
indian summer - millmeter
void - red death
off minor - my recovery
slint - rhonda
i hate myself - urban barbie
minor threat - small man - big mouth
husker du - gravity
rapeman - dutch courage
daniel striped tiger - dust broke out as
bad brains - with the quickness
husker du - do i want?
heroin - never ever
the germs - lexicon devil
born against - test pattern
melt banana - buzzer #P
die! die! die! - out of the blue
women - group transport

diclaimer: timmy accidently played the wrong playlist (a mixtape for a friend instead).

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